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LUKA BLOOM op dranouter aan zee 2007
beeldverhaal van het fijn moment op zondag... (foto-reportage)

My Name is Luka.
by: Daithi Rua (Irish singer/Songwriter)

In The words of Luka Himself "I Rarely get a chance to be at a gig on the beach, in April with the sun shining!"
That's where I was at Dranouter aan Zee for the first time.
I saw many great artists share their magic but I was really there for one man, LUKA!
"My name is Luka Bloom" he said "can you give me a warm welcome please?"
He Certainly got his warm welcome and I'm not talking about the sunshine now.
A huge roar went up from the crowd who like myself, were all there to welcome Mr Bloom back to Belgium.
My back was getting sore from standing all day but there was no way I was going to miss this man and his songs.
Looking fresh and tanned after his return from Australia he sat down with his nylon string guitar and belted out the Australian Classic
"Throw your arms around me."
I felt like throwing my arms around him at certain points of the gig as he was really having trouble on stage with monitor feedback
but in true Irish spirit and Luka professionalism he ploughed on,
sweat sailing down his face and smiling through song after song.
We sang with him too and he even allowed us to clap along.
He didn't the last time I heard him.

Luka Spoke of looking forward to next year mainly because George Bush and Tony Blair would be out of office and the crowd went wild...Me included :-)
"I am Not at war with anyone" he sings (except with the sound on stage).

I've seen Luka perform many times at all kinds of gigs and it's true that in recent years he's mellowed a little.
But the gig I saw last night was delivered more in the style of the old Luka.
You could feel the power from the first note till the last.
And if I have his energy on stage and in songwriting when I'm 50 years old
I'll think back to that stage on a Belgian beach in April 2007 when the sun was shining....

a very warm thank you to Daithi!

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03/06/2007 14:55

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klasse, weeral, maar de waarheid dient gezegd te
ik vind vooral deze in kleur zeer goed geslaagd.

Mr Wolf, 03/06/2007 17:41 (21468) - top
Gorgeous review, Daithi, and gorgeous photos, Lieve. Way to go, you two...feel like 'throwing my arms around you' for sharing those sublime words and photos like that...heaven to the eyes and soul this Sunday evening. I've GOT to have Luka's new album - I think I prefer his music to Christy's - shhhh, don't tell Christy... xx

Debs, 03/06/2007 22:41 (21472) - top
hm, ja, wolfie... the man himself doesn't like colour that much! :o))

lieve, 03/06/2007 22:59 (21474) - top
Heel mooie veelzeggende foto's !

pasquello, 25/06/2007 12:45 (21744) - top
voeg commentaar toe... (disclaimer)

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